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A/B Secondary INPUT switch
Associated Show: AIDA, Moorhead High Theatre
Time: October - November, 2017

One feature I find very useful on many higher-tier consoles are secondary input patches that can be recalled immediately and seamlessly. This function allows for incredibly easy back-up mic solutions that are almost inaudible when implemented. For this production of Aida, the Behringer X32 Compact used did not have enough mic preamps to facilitate a secondary soft-patch. In order to have a similar level of control over the two lead's (Aida and Radames) redundant mic systems, the solution was a 4-in/2-out switching box with double-pole, double-throw switches to create a completely silent, 2-channel main/back-up switch. Each channel has the shield from both inputs connected to the shield of the output, but channel 1 and 2 are physically isolated from each other.

The switch's performance exceeded expectations! Our leads in the show were running identical Sennheiser EW100-G3's with MKE2-GOLD lav elements, and even swapping inputs during a sustained belt was inaudible; no clicks, dropouts, or pops. I have used this solution on several other shows, and for other uses as well - including allowing a single-channel comm to swap between two channels.

Photo: Stage, Aida

Moorhead High Theatre, 2017

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