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diy synergy horn
Associated Show: Personal
Time: June 2016 - November 2017

The "Synergy Horn" is a patented concept designed by Tom Danley of Danley Sound Labs. The idea is to create a multi-way speaker who's components behave as a single point source of sound, creating a full range phase-coherent wave front that sounds like it originates somewhere just behind the throat of the horn. Two Synergy Horns spaced properly can create an incredibly life-like stereo image, with some comparing the sweet spot to "wearing headphones". Many people don't believe there isn't a third center speaker in the middle! Another benefit of the Synergy Horn concept is an incredibly smooth off-axis roll-off, helping to keep unwanted peaks and other response anomalies from exciting the room acoustics, allowing for precise deployments and reducing the need for room treatment.

With all that in mind, and a push from one of my mentors, I decided to try my hand at building a pair of such unique speakers. Having a background in set construction and carpentry, it seemed like an easy task! How wrong I was - cue an 18 month build with help from many incredible friends and mentors.

The original design was by Scott Hinson, who's partial walkthrough on DIY Audio provided the basis for my build. I ended up re-drawing the entire system in Sketch-Up and slightly modifying them to allow for either passive or active-crossover use via an 8-pole SpeakON NL8 rear connector. The entire process proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience, and while these speakers are purely for home-use, the concepts and lessons learned in their construction have proven applicable at every level of production.

Photo: Rear View of Synergy Horn, 2017

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